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Classification of stone abrasive materials

Classification of abrasive materials: abrasive is used for grinding materials, the general classification are now ordinary abrasive, abrasive two categories:

Conventional abrasive materials include (1) corundum (Brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, and so on), the main chemical composition is A1203 (aluminium oxide), (2) silicon carbide class (black SIC, green sic), its main chemical composition of SIC (silicon carbide). They are respectively the hardness of corundum, microhardness 2000-2200 kgf/mm WA, microhardness 2200-2300 kgf/mm black silicon carbide, microhardness 3100-3300 kgf/mm green silicon carbide, microhardness 3200-3400 kgf/mm particle size from 4# -Micro-powder W0.5 (even more fine), hardness of order we can sort out processing granite of is green SIC, black SIC, processing marble of is white corundum (soft of), black, and green SIC (hard of); from material of cost see followed by is green SIC, black SIC, white corundum, around with these abrasive can made, inorganic of grinding tool, including Ling bitter soil class, ceramic class,; organic of grinding tool, including phenolic class, not saturated resin class, and ring oxygen class, (here also including Emery cloth sandpaper), These constitute ordinary abrasive grinding tool grinding tools.
2, Super abrasive
Diamond is abrasive is belongs to super hard abrasive, it of processing history although compared long, but as more of using, is near 30 years to of large of industrialization production, its micro hardness 8000-10000 kg force/mm; hardness is highest of, processing material Shi is micro-cutting of mechanism, thus it is preferred of cutting tool, in recent years has its production mass increased and industrial cost of reduced, processing efficiency high (is General of 5 times times above), processing effect good (can on requirements is high of material for polishing), Thus, it is widely used. Diamond grinding tool main has metal of, resin of, ceramic of,, this is according to combined agent of type for classification of, metal class of grinding tool main including iron of, copper base of, cobalt base of this several class, also on decided has different type material of processing cost, as grinding tool of using, its grain degrees from most rough (20#), often to grain degrees fine to 400# weizhi, for using; its features is using life long, but cost will high some. Resin class of grinding tool, due to making cost relative partial low, application to relative more some, it today also for rough mill to polishing, in fine grain degrees of mill throwing aspects is its maximum of advantage; ceramic class diamond grinding is in recent years development most fast of tool, its processing performance in the, take metal processing of long, avoidance resin processing of short, technology Shang has is good of advantage, but for its cost of reasons, also no see in stone refurbished in the using.

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