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Governance the stone material pathological change stone Protectant is key

Preface: due to differences in texture stone formation and geological processes are different, different varieties of stones from different regions, and its mineral composition, chemical composition, structure, all different, its hardness and water absorption, resistance to acidity, can be polished, physical and chemical properties are different, in different positions, growth of lesions are also different in different environments. And must be carefully understanding and analyzing internal and external causes of the stone material pathological change to reasonable preventive, the stone material pathological change of governance most critical is the stone material protection agent, but different protective agents have a variety of effects, stones of different varieties and different environmental factors also have different protection needs.
Both natural stone and artificial stone, the appearance of features only two types: one is the smooth stone, characterized by smooth and bright; the other is the rough stone, which is characterized by uneven surface, matte. In the decorative effect, appearance is an important part of decorative effects, is also an important aspect of design ideas, let the stones of different surface characteristics of perennial show designs and cultural connotation of decorative and artistic effects, only through the effective deterrent against the stone material pathological change in order to achieve the aim of real. In other words, must vary from stone, according to local conditions, select right protection products to prevent the breeding of the stone material pathological change.
The stone material pathological change of governance is the stone of the main protective agent, so rational choice of stone protecting agent is very important. Select protection agent should: for stone material structure status most has may of lesions select stone protection agent; for stone of using places most has may led to of lesions select stone protection agent; for stone of surface status select stone protection agent; for stone of installation method selection bottom protection agent, for example: using cement Pu loaded of stone need has anti-Rainbow, and anti-alkali anti-salt function and cannot and cement exclusion (cannot has anti-dirt sex) of protection agent; dry hanging stone with to of protection agent at least needed has anti-water, Can also have a stain.
The stone material protection into protection and protection after installation before installation, which is usually referred to as six-sided protection and surface protection. Six-sided protection is installed before stone surface with round and full uniform at the bottom of the brush to adapt all the protective agent, stone surface protection after installation is generally in full Uniform stone surface coating suitable protective agent, the stone has a certain capacity for disease prevention.
Since the stone material protection concepts into our country so far, stone needs brushing the stone material protection agent is not unknown, however, really understand how the material application, timely spraying applications, scientific but not much. Many stone paint protection agent not only failed to get the desired effect, and makes the disease more difficult to eradicate that appears, which is how many stone protection is also the cause of severe lesions. Therefore, suitable protective agents on the basis of rational choice, must also understand scientific applications.

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