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Focus on stone conservation: conservation of the beautiful marble

Preface: marble, also known as "stone", "blue stone" or "Yunnan stone", is another name for Yunnan marble, characteristic of Yunnan mountain stones. Chemical composition as carbonate lime crystals, after hundreds of years of geological change into limestone. Marble because of its magnificent and colourful hieroglyphic patterns, unique luster colors and elegant temperament and are widely used in shopping malls, residential, hotel and other construction decoration. Many of the stones are often used because environment and inadequate stone surface dirt and dull, even stone damage. Only professional stone care to maintain the original color of stone, give their time to the new.
&Nbsp;   stone maintenance treatment, natural beauty and luster can be restored. Stone care stone protection and rehabilitation of marble.
&Nbsp;   first precautionary protection for protection of stone, marble-mainly micro-bacterium prevention respiratory breathing holes. Due to the marble interior and surface with micro-holes, the bacteria in the air, dust, microbes, such as through holes into the stone, over time, makes breeding micro-bacteria and stain the surface of the stone, so that the surface of the marble loses its natural luster. Generally only remove the marble surface dirt, unable to get rid of marble hole filling micro-bacteria and stains, with strong acid detergents if marble, it will backfire, making marble surface corrosion by acidic detergents, and lose their original luster.
&Nbsp;   preventive protection, are protective agents have a protective effect on the marble surface, so that bacteria cannot enter the stone interior, cannot reproduce. And natural sheen of the marble will be able to keep. These proactive protective agents have a variety of stones, mainly to cater for different needs and different types of marble, marble itself must have a wealth of knowledge, make an appropriate choice. Most of these protective agent with good protection and enhance the brightness of the double effect.
&Nbsp;   the second approach is the marble renovation. This method by grinding stone surface, slide the damaged portion of the grind and grind and bring the stone back to its natural color and luminosity, suitable for wear of stone, such as: decoration when he scratches, wear and tear injuries caused by stone. Save old refurbished rather than replaced 80%, and renovation projects will not affect the business, hotels, shopping malls, homes are mostly used.

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