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Focus on stone conservation: terrazzo use and conservation

Preface: terrazzo is a cement and artificial stone, has a high density, high hardness, resistance to abrasion, no dust, easy to peel, and other physical properties and characteristics. Ordinary rough terrazzo General construction, the surface of the light depends on cleaning and waxing the surface polishing to obtain a good surface effect within a short time. Even so, the polishing effect cannot be compared with the natural marble surfaces, but terrazzo because of its unique characteristics, still in the modern enterprise, factory, hospital, schools, office buildings, exhibition halls, squares and other places are widely used.
Because most of the terrazzo in high traffic public places, wear more serious, for terrazzo maintenance, to be refurbished and Crystal face processing is essential. Terrazzo Crystal face processing: for old terrazzo first must clear the stain to terrazzo mirror treatment. Need terrazzo refurbished machines, has aged old stone or disease such as macular deep, deep scratches, stains, and powerful throw 1-2mm on the surface, revealing new dimensions and then glazed, with the stone polishing machine with different grinding, from low to high order for grinding and polishing to achieve the required brightness. New terrazzo made of terrazzo in polished mirror.
Terrazzo Crystal face processing after the surface hardness up General hardness of granite, its surface gloss of 70 degrees or more. After dealing with terrazzo surfaces resistant to water, stain-resistant, anti-slip, resistant to weak acids and alkali. Other Granites of similar nature. Daily maintenance does not need waxing polishing terrazzo per month depending on the flow of people doing local Polish or polishing quarter cycle, you can maintain a good surface for a long time.

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