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Focus on stone conservation: architectural stone conservation tips

Preface: in recent years due to the deterioration of the natural environment, dust, industrial emissions, vehicle exhaust gases, acid rain and other pollution is getting worse, and vulnerable to contamination of building stone. Here's to introduce their conservation building stone common sense knowledge.
Once the building stone was polluted, cleaning very easy. If using the wrong cleaning agent, forced the stain to remove, easy to damage stone, accelerated deterioration of the stone. A modern building, in addition to the structure design, overall appearance of maintenance should not be neglected. Within domestic stone for building external wall decoration is becoming increasingly common and for stone conservation projects are increasingly causing architects, construction companies and owner of attention.
In General often encounter problems: stone water seepage on external walls, Rainbow, dust, stains, water spots, oil pollution and weathering, aging spots, construction materials, and gloss and wear caused by access, and so on. To solve these problems, you can use the following maintenance methods to prevent and control the stone material pathological change.
Due to building among key Government, relatively pollution is particularly serious. Due to stone itself has hair fine hole and the absorbent, air pollution, dust plus air in the of acid gas, steam locomotive of exhaust,, tip to attached Yu stone surface, dang rain of when, acid rain will accelerated these pollution on stone of erosion and adsorption in stone of hair fine hole within, caused easily cleaning of dirt spot, especially for fire surface of stone for, these pollution formed of speed faster, and not easy cleaning, only using city sale of cleaning agent fundamental cannot removal these pollution; if smooth of stone, The gloss was quickly eroded away. Therefore, to remove the pollution, you can use stone cleaner, commonly have a powerful scavenger or multifunctional clear stone cleaning agent. This kind of stone cleaning agents can penetrate the pores in the complete removal of pollution and does not damage stones. If to prevent stone again once was pollution words, can Yu stone cleaning clean Hou, in stone surface dry of case Xia, again for a protection processing of work, this permeability of protection agent common some multifunctional protection agent or stone dedicated protection agent, this several class protection agent can into stone internal, formed a protection layer, has waterproof, and anti-dirt, and rust spot, and anti-oil, and wind of, and anti-aging, and acid alkali, and anti-tea stains, and Coke, and soy sauce, caused of dirt spot of effect, and can effective control rainbow of produced, And does not damage the original stone breathability, only water to clean normal cleaning effect can be achieved without the use of other cleaning agents.
Prior protection of pollution treatment for exterior wall: generally speaking, outside the stone walls of considerable height, cause pollution and then to clean, construction is extremely inconvenient. If it can do protective treatment, after the completion of no pollution problems, daily cleaning simply wipe with clean water, and protection before construction to lower the cost, construction easier and more economical.
Upon completion of the stone, after a long period of time are not always have dry wet marks on the surface, this is commonly known as the water spot. To remove the water spots, can be said to be a very difficult thing, because the formation of water spots is very complex, including cement, acid rain, Rainbow, poor sandy, as well as pollution of the stone from the ground. These contamination resulting from deterioration of the stone itself, this mass of stone is very difficult to clean, so the water spot, the only way is prevention. To prevent the formation of water spots before construction use of multi-functional protective agent or stone Protectant. Before the construction, protective treatment to the stone, you can avoid the formation of water spots, while good antifouling effect can be achieved.
We often see some white crystals come out from the seams of the stone, which is commonly known as the "Rainbow" (efflorescence). Rainbow is divided into two kinds, one is "Rainbow", was a "white China two times." "Rainbow" is caused when chemical changes to form calcium hydroxide cement mortar, coming from the seams of the stone or stone's own lines, pores come, combines with the carbon dioxide in the air to form white crystals; "the second white China" mainly due to the infiltration of rain inside the stone and cement mortar contact results in chemical changes to form Rainbow. Bai hua, both phenomena are powerful clearing agent to be used to remove. In General, to remedy and prevent regeneration of Rainbow from different areas. First of all, to prevent external polluted rainwater infiltration, which can be made from the stone surface protection treatment and strengthen the joint part of the waterproof function, as long as the water is no longer outside permeating stone material, stone or water, Rainbow that cannot be regenerated.

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