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Spontaneous light briefly light-storing materials and luminescence of artificial stone

Spontaneous optical light-storing materials, also known as photo-induced optical ultra long afterglow light-storing materials, storage light such as non-radioactive materials, electricity derived from the fluorescent materials. Active storage of the material Sun, light, UV light and stray light, visible after 5-10min, you can continue to glow in the dark 12h, and according to actual needs, which made red, green, blue, yellow, purple and other variety of colored light. At present, the spontaneous optical light-storing materials have luminescent paint, luminous paint, Luminescent ink, Luminescent glazes, shiny plastic, Luminescent rubber, leather, glass, light ceramic, luminous decorations, light aluminum-plastic composite plate, Luminescent handicrafts. Due to its unique of high brightness, and fast sucking light, and long storage light, and chemical stability good and the resistance waiting sex strong, excellent physico-chemical performance, makes its widely application Yu building decorative, and traffic transport, and fire security, and electronic communications, and power electrical, and instrument instrument, and oil chemical, and Metro tunnel, and printing dyeing, and advertising plaque, and jewelry jewelry, all field, is 21st century very has development future of decorative glow material.
Will storage light type spontaneous light material by must proportion mixed people to artificial stone in the, can makes its has originally material of appearance and performance, and has night glow of special decorative effect, day night are can appreciate, especially in night special ideal, a modified past lights decorative and stone the accounted for a angle the main its thing of situation, makes both organic to combined to with, to makes artificial stone products is wonderful magic, and fresh elegant, dotted city night life, to buildings added mood and the art effect, And for saving electricity and prevention of fire emergency lighting is of great practical significance.
1 types of light-self-storage material
1.1 sulfide series sulfide spontaneous optical light-storing materials series-spontaneous optical light-storing materials include zinc sulfide silver, zinc sulfide, sulfur, barium sulfate, calcium sulfide, etc. The cathode rays, and is also an important practical luminescent materials for Electroluminescent. Sulfide spontaneous light series light-storing materials still valuable material: led color is yellow-green ZnS:Cu series, CaS:Bi series of blue and Red CaS:Eu series.
1.2 aluminate system light-self-storage material
Aluminate system light-self-storage material with high luminous efficiency, good chemical stability characteristics. Current level of practical materials: CaAl2O4:Eu,Nb of the color blue-violet, blue-green Sr4All4O25:Eu,Dy, yellow-green, SrAl2O4:Eu,Dy, they have excellent long-lasting luminescent properties, known as the second generation light-self-storage material, is a milestone in the development of spontaneous optical light-storing materials.
China according to aluminum acid salt system storage light type spontaneous light material is exists resistance water slightly poor, glow color more single, on raw materials purity requirements high, production cost high shortcomings, carried out has Portland system storage light type spontaneous light material research, success development several species resistance water good, and purple outside irradiation sex stable, and glow color diverse, and more than Hui brightness high, and more than Hui time more long of Portland system storage light type spontaneous light material, will storage light type spontaneous light material of research to a new of times. Currently developing Portland blues material activated by europium, dysprosium Coke, its luminous performance than europium, neodymium activated aluminate blue phosphor. But overall, the luminescent properties of silicate aluminate system level has not been reached, has reached a level of only Coke silicate, magnesium silicate performance have not been applied, further improve the properties of silicate, still need to do more work.
2 spontaneous principle of photo-luminescence light-storing
Light-storing light material is a spontaneous absorbs excitation energy and store it, after the light stops, and then slowly release the energy stored in the form of light and can last for more than 10 hours of luminous material.

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