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Stone conservation: stone conservation agent for how to cleanup

Q: 1.5 years ago when I was building and use white granite kitchen countertops. When cooking, oil pollution, its color darkens and oil where there is no pollution, beautiful stone still maintains its original color. Excuse me, is there a safe use in the kitchen, and to restore the original colors of granite materials?
Solution: clear the polishing or grinding stone surface oil on a white granite countertops, you can follow these steps (the recommended products to maximize the protection stone)
(A) preliminary cleaning initial cleaning may help to identify polluted areas, with PH values between 7-8.5 and neutral cleaning agent, to avoid any possible for granite, grout joints and adjacent areas of corrosion or colour changes. Cleaning use a brush or a cotton pad with no friction. Note: products of stone damage should pay particular attention to safety.
(B) chemical cleaning surface when dry, oil pollution will render dark stain, as stain removal is a process of continuous tests repeatedly, we believe that the first direct chemical (stain removal of wax or oil and gel) applied to the pollution. In accordance with the manufacturer's instructions using the potion, in order to ensure best results.
Scavengers between 15-27 degrees Celsius using the temperature requirements. Cleaning to keep the surface moist, allowing scavengers to fully penetrate the stone and react for a few hours, to pollution to the surface. If necessary, you can repeat it again. If the results are still not satisfactory, recommended the use of drug paste (Poultice).
(C) the drug paste (Poultice) removal: cleared of drug paste is the adsorption medicine paste stains. In order to improve the effect can be added to the drug paste different scavenger. First area soaked and applied medicine paste, covered with a layer of plastic sheeting, then cut the gap on plastic sheeting, medicine paste drying, stains can be adsorbed. Adsorption and drying process as a whole is in the 1-24 hours. Drug use Paste is an effective way.
(Iv) protection: the oil was removed, washed granite surface and dry, the next process is to protect it to avoid future contamination. Permeability of silicone protector can most effectively protect the stone from oil pollution. Capillary Protectant and surface Protectant is different, the former completely permeating stone material, any residues on the surface should be away. Once the surface has been the right protection, pollutants can also contact surface, but not penetrating inside the stone, after which makes stain removal is simple and effective.
If the table is a textured granite or marble, finished with a permeable protective agent, recommends using surface protector (protective agents in stone form a protective film on the surface) to receive the best protection.
(E) maintenance: to ensure beautiful long lasting stone, neutral detergent can be used for daily cleaning, if necessary, weekly by Polish polishing countertops, Polish will protect the stone surface from dirt and moisture infiltration, and the stone is higher brightness.
Solution two: granite countertops, the problem described above is common. Granite is an absorbent substances, inhalation of oil when cooking inside. Any cleaning agents is almost impossible to get rid of oil inside the stone. However, there are known as "drug paste clear" (Poultice) technical pollution within the granite can be adsorbed out and revert back to its original color. After the oil is cleared, recommended stone permeability of coating quality of oil pollution prevention protective agent.
Drug paste (Poultice) is a powder-like substance that can absorb pollution. Drug paste powder mixed with a clearing agent, breaks down stains and is absorbed into the powder. Alkaline detergents and medicine available for oil paste mix to clear, the steps are as follows:
(1) thoroughly with SOAP stone cleaning and water cleaning, surface oil to remove as far as possible.

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