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Stone overall renovation of the concept and its significance

Concept and significance of stone overall renovation:
A concept of overall renovation, stone
Installed a stone decoration or renovation process, stone ground finish after the installation as a whole surface treatment, could improve the stone workmanship requirements for ground installation, eliminating seams height difference, keeping bright stone formation characteristics and its luxurious natural stone color. The stone surfaces before making any treatment can be summed up in the stone material renovates.
Second, the necessity of stone overall renovation
1. as a result of stone in the process of error and the installation process, sand, cement, water and cement ratio incorrectly, product protection is not in place, so the stone cutting and black sewn construction pollution, surface scratches, and hollowing phenomenon and not to stone the decorative effect, stone renovation is required. 2. After several years of use of old stone, causing variable degrees of stone appear on the surface of powder, stretch marks, damage, loss, Dim light, stone does not pay attention to protection of water spots, Rainbow, stone disease, the need to conduct an overall renovation, so as to improve the decorative effect of the stone should be. Stone renovation can greatly reduce new stone and the great amount of input, save the new stone mining, stone user benefits while saving energy consumption, can be described as nothing short of environmental protection industries.
Three, the stone material renovates industry should standardize project name
Daily in the, we usually will stone overall refurbished called: stone overall grinding stone conservation stone nursing stone refurbished stone Crystal,; future, in has Pu loaded good of ground or in using in the of ground site do stone surface refurbished processing, collectively for "stone overall grinding" wants to do stone of overall grinding, first to selection grinding mechanical and abrasive, and abrasives. Following sections for grinding machinery, abrasives, abrasive, construction process and other details.

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