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Rust of stone conservation

Rust of stone conservation:
Rust formation can be divided into two types: the first is the cause of rust from iron in stone itself. Generally, each a stone itself how many are contains iron of ingredients, dang rain and stone in the of iron copies contact yihou, on will slowly formed rust, this rust more easily clear, to spent more long of time to processing, makes supplies Connaught brand strong clear agent, can effective clear rust and not hurt stone, to avoid using industrial with hydrogen peroxide or other corrosion sex of acid, or will self-defeating. The regeneration of the most important is how to prevent rust, the most effective way is to remove rust protection processing immediately after to prevent infiltration of water inside the stone and remove rust from regeneration. Second rust is outside, for example, processing residues during construction of steel or iron, decoration of metal components, and so on, this rust more easily cleared, use cleaning agents are also identical to the former. In General stone dust to clear in the future is quite easy. Stone installation protection before and after the completion of protective treatment better, because after the completion of exterior wall has a height of construction is not easy, and stone installation process will also have the possibility of exposure to acid rain, so construction before protection is the best, anti-rust and antifouling.

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