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Stone processing of scale wax

Stone care wax processing of scale:
Right stone maintenance is not waxing, wax, oil, easy to penetrate the pores of the stone, and wax sticks, caused by dust in the air easily attached to the above scale wax for easy cleaning, destroying the beauty of the stone. In addition there is a hard wax, processed stone surface will be completely blocked, it's going to hurt stone natural breathability, and, after the construction of the hard wax removal is not easy, in the case of stone not breathable, if any moisture can easily cause stone deterioration. To clear the wax scales, you can use dirty wax removing agent, stones can be removed and pores within the scale and do not harm the stone shine wax, after dewaxing, multi-function protective agent, stone protecting agent for protection. By these protection agent processing Hou of stone, has waterproof, and anti-dirt, and rust spot, and anti-oil spot, and wind of, and anti-aging, and acid alkali, and anti-tea stains, and Coke, and hand Khan, and soy sauce, caused of pollution, can said is in one fell swoop number have, and weekday of clean maintenance, as long as with water wipe can, without using any clean agent or waxing, while can extended stone of life, more traditional waxing of method cheap is more, regardless of is new old stone are can processing. This Crystal protective treatment abroad has gradually replaced the wax, because not only has it not wax faults, has multiple effects simultaneously.

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