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Stone conservation industry go from here?

Stone care industry go from here?
The implementation of the technical specification for building decoration engineering stone to further regulate the market, fostering formal industry enterprise plays an active role, in strict implementation of the provisions of the regulation, in accordance with the rules of construction, will be the effective solution to the problem way, to the dawn of the business enterprise development, but also to practitioners to enhance service awareness plays an active role.
1. Strictly in accordance with procedures construction, implement procedures standard, will powerful promote construction team construction, promote practitioners strengthening business learning, and constantly improve itself technology, full construction strong enterprise, improve industry credibility will up to active role, conform to industry development trend, fittest; clean technology correspondence training tutorial of stone nursing topic from General of stone refurbished, and lesions governance, to special stone, and ancient building heritage of refurbished and cleaning, and conservation, full solution stone rust, and water stains, and weathered, and crack, and color spot , And rubber marks, and oil, and wax quality, and infiltration dirt, ills; on the, on stone protection, and surface Crystal hardening, and cleaning construction, and anti-sliding processing, and overall grinding, has has specification standard, for owners strengthening supervision efforts provides has can through standard, in is big degree Shang improve owners party on decorative design, and selection stone of confidence, ensure large was selected for decorative material of decorative stone permanent bright, forever decorative effect, promoted stone industry of development up to has active role, prompted stone industry further off ; China's rapid transition from big stone to stone power.
2. Strict implementation of the provisions of the regulation, standards implementation and that applying guide the healthy development of the industry, market management, market-bond regularly organize technology, exchange of information, new products promotion and so on, encouraging enterprises to product quality, technical level and the integrity of competition, stop the vicious competition.
So said to flourish stone nursing industry, need market competition of role, also need Government necessary of guide, only break laurels of portal, go joint thrive development of road (avoid enterprise between in market competition in the internecine); further in national range within strong joint, mass collaboration, short time within rapid expanded strength; common build a ship can waves of cleaning cleaning industry stone conservation carrier warships.

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