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Stone conservation is an important link of stone works

Inflection point in the property market recently, housing prices in some cities has decreased, real estate building materials and raw materials will also be affected. Stone said Zou Chuansheng, President of the Association has been the restructuring of the real estate, 2011 situation of stone industry is still good, but may be more difficult in the first half of next year, stone industrial adjustment will be made to respond to market changes, the stone industry will enter a consolidation period.
Stone is the main material of construction of the building, a long, stone business and real estate development enterprise's cooperative mode strategic cooperation, the large enterprises in the industry, long-term relationships with large developers to establish a stable, strategic partnership, fixed cooperation relationship made large-scale stone enterprise performance stable this year. But the relatively difficult situation of SMEs, and orders so that these enterprises reduce the scale of production. Zou Huichang said, some differentiation, market change gave birth to the opportunity of the integration of the stone industry and the environment.
At present, in the stone a new force in the market, a number of stone processing enterprises in transition to become integrated supplier of materials. They used their position in the industry and familiarity, organized a strong production capacity of small and medium enterprises, stone supply for real estate projects. In the engineering market, integrators are the product of systematic, meticulous, from door and window systems to smart homes, integrators, providing system services and professional services to market. In the stone industry in the transformation of market adjustment and self, integrators will make developers and the emergence of stone companies benefit.
Zou Huichang stressed the important link in stone conservation project, the current number of stones that have been used in increasing, which means the stone material maintains a very large market, but the concept of conservation has not been familiar with stone of the future Association and conservation of stone enterprises will invest more in real estate development enterprises and the promotion of construction enterprises.
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