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Stone world focuses on: stone also needs good care

According to experts of the China stone materials industry association, whether granite or marble, are microporous rigid materials, natural water absorption, in paving and there is the possibility of contamination. Seemingly hard stone, is very precious, needed when used in paving and intensive care.
Must use professional protection
In order to prevent high-grade stone damage, different stones, different paving location must use suitable protective agent: waterproof and oil-proof Protectant.
According to the testing center of China stone, stone is currently due to the cleaning company's protection, many consumer complaints caused by improper maintenance. According to experts, scientific and conservation of stone care method is to select a private agent, do not use toilet cleaner instead.
Bathroom, kitchen stone required daily maintenance
Marble dust is most important in daily use, that is, prevent dust from wear and tear on the ground, such as local wet hot towel wipe the dirt, then wipe dry with a dry towel, or use a professional cleaning.
And the bathroom is of the utmost importance to prevent SOAP spots, shampoo and other pollution, you can stone a week maintenance special maintenance wax play 1-2 again.
Kitchen table-oil processing is key, should choose fluorosilicone professional protection protective agent, routine maintenance and bathroom countertops are similar methods that are available.
Select stone material radioactivity index can not help but ask
At the mention of radiation, especially being ready to purchase stones for house renovation people are worried
Low concentrations of radioactive no big deal
According to expert Wu Huishan specializes in stone material radioactivity introduced, all natural material on Earth contain different amounts of natural radioactive elements. Low concentrations of natural radiation is not harmful to human health, and is part of a balanced system of nature.
Experts advise consumers when purchasing stone products, marble, diabase radioactive lower and in accordance with the standards of GB6566-2001 stone suitable for bedroom, bathroom, study when the granite floor, living room, dining room, kitchen is more appropriate.
Buy natural stone depends on "radioactive test report"
State building materials Test Center Director, engineer Ma Zhenzhu, told reporters that choosing stone always ask dealers to provide test reports, produce of the natural stone products classification of radiological protection control standard for class a or class b values. If belongs to "a, class" of numerical (that, radioactive radiation value small), its using range not by limit, that including family bedroom decoration are can using; if belongs to "b class" of numerical, not for family bedroom decoration, and available Yu other all buildings of both inside and outside decoration; if belongs to "c class" of numerical (that radioactive radiation value partial high) not for various buildings of within decorative decoration, only for all buildings of outside decorative decoration.
Good indoor ventilation especially important
Experts reminded consumers, elimination indoor of radioactive radiation, and radon gas and various harmful gas, of most effective of method is strengthening indoor ventilation, daily morning up Hou open window half hours ~1 hours, makes a night in the accumulated of with various pollution of dirty air and outdoor fresh air mutual full circulation, to guarantee day indoor air fresh, each late sleep Qian still open window half hours ~1 hours, to ensure night family people sleep comfortable, and security.

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