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Nanjing last 4-year PM2.5 data are published

Just 2 months ago, heard of the "ultra-fine dust" PM2.5 the term man, is also limited to environments, public health disciplines of professional crowd, and now apparently is already a popular jargon.
Although PM2.5 and is closely related to human health, PM2.5 data had been slow to publish, as the official release of the Environmental Protection Department is always "still hiding half her face from us behind her guitar", evaded the PM2.5. However, yesterday, the official representative of the Nanjing municipal environmental protection Bureau was convened for the first time media talk about "PM2.5". And say: Nanjing next June at the latest release PM2.5 data.
Intern Chen Junchi reporter Juan
Why did EPA "high profile"?
PM2.5 too hot, the Secretary call soft
Nanjing municipal Bureau of the why be so "brave"? This is the day a lot of reporters ' questions.
EPA staff member told reporters that due to this newspaper and city sustained media attention, public response caused by PM2.5 is too high. "Our Director just answer media calls a day, we got soft, were asking Nanjing air conditions, as well as PM2.5 implementation. "With its secretive, not openly announced.
Nanjing city on the day of the media crowded around small distribution center, can only use a word "fire". Actually, the public is so concerned about PM2.5, on one hand, PM2.5 can be directly into the human bloodstream and lungs, had a direct impact on human health. In addition, PM2.5 data is most consistent with the public feel in the sky, the public also in pursuit of their own "right to know".

A Nanjing 2008 began monitoring PM2.5
Nanjing municipal environmental protection Bureau environmental monitoring central station senior engineer Lu Xiaobo scene first public pilot PM2.5 monitoring of progress and data. According to him, since 2007 pilot monitoring of PM2.5 in Nanjing, part of air quality monitoring sites PM2.5 monitoring instruments, monitoring methods studied. Starting from 2008, Nanjing caochangmen, Zhonghua gate and xianlin University City of PM2.5 in atmospheric automatic monitoring stations have been studied.
At present, the Nanjing PM2.5 monitoring instruments are from the United States imported. "PM2.5 monitoring, technically, is not difficult. "Experts, current air pollution index issued by the Nanjing, based mainly on the atmosphere in the" particulate "PM10 monitoring results, and PM2.5 and PM10 monitoring principle no difference, differences in the collection device. "But the PM2.5 monitoring equipment more expensive. "
Lu Xiaobo said: according to the Twelve-Five development plan, Nanjing is sure to increase the monitoring of PM2.5 is expected after four years in Nanjing has 9 State handles the atmosphere, to increase monitoring of PM2.5.
B Nanjing annual average PM2.5 concentrations exceeded the past 4 years
According to the 2008-2011 pilot monitoring data, PM2.5 is the haze of pollutants in Nanjing about PM10 PM2.5 concentrations (respirable particulate matter) concentration becomes prohibitive. The three years 2008, 2009 and 2010, average annual values of PM2.5 in Nanjing city, has an upward trend, the average concentrations of 63 mg/m, exceeding the standards for ambient air quality (second draft) 0.8 times.
2010 Nanjing city year PM2.5 averages 70 micrograms/cubic meter, exceeded the 1 time; so far this year, the annual average PM2.5 concentrations in Nanjing to 52 µg/m³, still exceeds 0.5 times. PM2.5 peak on new year's Eve, from the first day, when exceeded 2.21 times.
According to Lu Xiaobo analysis, PM2.5 pollution in Nanjing also has rules to follow. 7-September affected by the proliferation of summer rains and favorable conditions of PM2.5 excess risk is relatively small; in the autumn and winter seasons, under the influence of regional smog, emissions of atmospheric pollutants diffusion and clearance, could easily lead to PM2.5 concentrations exceeded the proportion of PM2.5 to PM10 is generally above 60%.
Meanwhile, under the influence of Lunar New Year fireworks display and the summer harvest of crop straw burning, in February and June of PM2.5 concentration exceeded more proportion of PM2.5 to PM10 above 80%. Monthly distribution of these data and the haze of the city day.
Air quality worst
Lu Xiaobo said that based on its monitoring of air pollutants in recent years, relatively poor air quality is generally at night and in the morning.
Analysis of the reasons: the main diffusion of pollutants emissions to the atmosphere, especially General atmospheric temperature inversion occurs at night, wind speeds decreased significantly decreased. So difficult to spread of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere, causing pollutant concentration index continued to rise. General to the afternoon rise in surface temperature and surface wind speed increases, the air quality will improve.
Recently, some private environmental groups began to organize civil air operations. In response, Lu Xiaobo said the "environmental protection departments abroad is used in precision instruments, strict implementation of technical norms of the State, regularly sent to quality supervision and examination of each instrument, the flow calibration and measurement. "As for folk instrument of more than 20,000 yuan, said Lu Xiaobo engineer" not very good ".
Once published to
A current monitoring index was 10 years ago,
The reporter learns, currently used by the Environmental Protection Department's air monitoring standards, was enacted 10 years ago, has been unable to keep up with today's demands. Many people will feel, when the day's air quality is pretty bad, the data showed good. And air quality published matter. In accordance with the current air quality standards, monitoring period is noon 12 o'clock to 12 o'clock noon of the day before, day of the air pollution index for the period reflect air quality in Nanjing, and data is "average". In this way, air pollution is likely to be "average" dilutes.
In this regard, said Lu Xiaobo, in 2012, PM10 (inhalable particulate) monitoring launches from the original 24-hour release to release every two hours. Not only that, the reporter was informed that at present, the State Department of environmental protection, not only in the development of new standards for monitoring, and is likely to improve the air quality index was published, the daily cycle from the day before the 12 o'clock to 12 o'clock on the day changed to 0 o'clock until 24 o'clock.
B at the latest in June next year release PM2.5 data
21st National Conference on environmental protection, environmental monitoring of PM2.5 are given schedules. Next year, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other key regional PM2.5 and ozone monitoring as well as municipalities and provincial capitals.
Monitoring data and the feelings of the masses cannot be "two peels", you must avoid this phenomenon. Follow the schedule, Nanjing also published for the first time. As the official spokesman said Lu Xiaobo, Nanjing in Jiangsu Province was the first to start the PM2.5 monitoring of cities. "The current environment monitor Center station in Nanjing are ready, data on PM2.5 monitoring of air pollutants in accordance with national and unified plan to publish in the province, no later than June 2012 Nanjing EPA PM2.5 release official website. "
By next year, "particulate" PM10 releases every two hours, add "ultrafine particles" PM2.5 release, Nanjing will progressively establish an air quality warning system. When the concentration of pollution is high, reminded the public, especially heart or respiratory diseases should reduce physical exertion and outdoor activities.
More than say 1
Release PM2.5 data for the Government and the public's good
Why the public is so concerned about PM2.5? The most important reason is that it is closely related to people's health. Zhong Nanshan said PM2.5 particulate matter can go directly to the alveolus, crippling Lung Health; Department of Peking University said Pan Xiaochuan, a Professor, most harmful to the human body is not the particle itself, but particulate matter on adsorption of chemical substances. Carcinogens have carcinogenic effects such as adsorption, adsorption of dioxins have reproductive effects, adsorption of heavy metals on the harm of heavy metals, depends on adsorption of something.
PM2.5 is also public concern because it is confusing. In October, Beijing environmental protection Bureau and United States Embassy controversy to PM2.5 is known, although the detection point and instrument varies, but the difference in data, freak. On November 14 this year, a microblogging on PM2.5 data, "the Nanjing meteorological" quickly deleted again after they were published, Nanjing meteorological station later said there is no right to publish, make public more in PM2.5 tiny particles of a mystery.
Delays in the release of official data, the public eager to learn, this public feedback great, Nanjing civil society organizations even initiate the self-test PM2.5.
At this juncture, Nanjing Bureau of "high profile" release PM2.5 data over the past 4 years, and position next June at the latest release PM2.5 data, people rejoice. This special attention the user's reaction to the news, the vast majority of support that such transparency is the progress in the Government sector.
Indeed, the PM2.5 data are published, and are good for both the Government and the public. For the public, on the one hand, no longer have to rely on "sky is gray, smelling the air ever smell" to "speculate" PM2.5 over whether one hand, PM2.5 data can accurately guide the public awareness of green travel, helping people drive less, use public transport habits. Government departments concerned, release PM2.5 data can also be pushing yourself doing all it can to improve air quality, more blue sky to the public.
In this sense, we as the Nanjing municipal Bureau of the "high profile" applaud!

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