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Tailor: cleaning industry 16 ways to motivate employees

It is said that industries are dirty, too tired to work without training, a waste of money! Others say the enthusiasm of the staff increase is very easy, direct more money can be. Currently the cleaning industry employees general ageing, many young want to do this kind of work, a traditional sense and social prejudices, and second, the salary is not high, doing work is trivial. But you know what? Cleaning now has scientific, institutionalized, exteriorized. Modern cleaning industry relating to domestic cleaning, housekeeping, professional disinfection disinfection, high altitude outer wall clean, stone care and cleaning equipment, car beauty, landscaping, cleaning machinery. Modern enterprise competition is the competition of science and technology, is a talent competition of knowledge, comprehensive strength competition, therefore attach great importance to the unity and cohesion of staff and offer them appropriate incentives, so that only the employees realize self-worth at the same time, in order to create greater value for the company. Behavioral Science believe that incentives can inspire people's motives, their inner desire to succeed, towards the desired goal constant efforts, but managers should be aware that motivating employees what kinds of behavior, is to reduce costs, speed up the projects, and improve customer satisfaction.
&Nbsp;   proposal targets identified, motivating employees by the following method (cleaning first-aid network after many years of research the cleaning industry, hoping to help friends engaged in the cleaning industry)
&Nbsp;   1, offers a challenging job. Step by step work can kill morale, employees have inspired performance, you must make the work challenging. Manager to instruct employees to grow, to provide them with opportunities to learn new skills.
&Nbsp;   2, to ensure that employees have the appropriate tools in order to do the best work. Committed to leading technology companies, are generally high morale. Has the industry's most advanced tools, employees will be proud if they can proudly boast of his work, this boast tremendous incentives.
&Nbsp;   3, to provide a good learning environment for employees, and regular training courses on a regular basis so that employees can really learn professional and encouraging statements and suggestions, let employees see prospects.
&Nbsp;   4, in the implementation of projects, tasks, process, managers should provide information to the employee a job well done. This information includes the company's overall goals, require specialized departments to complete work and must focus on addressing the specific concerns of individual employees.
&Nbsp;   5, doing real work is the work of experts. Therefore, managers must listen to the views of the staff, and invited them to participate in work-related decisions. Frankly not only make employees feel they are part of the participation in the operation of, but also help them understand business strategy. If this open communication and two-way information sharing becomes integral part of the management process, motivating more obvious.
&Nbsp;   6, the establishment of channels of communication in all aspects. Employees can use this channel to ask questions, tell about something, or get the answers to the questions. Employees are encouraged to speak their minds many methods, such as hotlines, Manager answering questions, suggestion boxes, panel discussions, and so on.
&Nbsp;   7, managers should always keep in touch with the staff. Scholars Grumman says: "chatting with you, I put on is the most valuable asset: time. This has highlighted the importance of our relationship, that I care about your work. "
&Nbsp;   8, understand the practical difficulties and personal needs of employees, to address. Because the cleaning industry particularities, which would greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the staff. Arrangements for child day care, flexible work and rest in the company system.
&Nbsp;   9, performance as the standard promotion. If seniority promotions cannot encourage employees striving for success, but will develop they can sit back and wait-and-see attitude.
&Nbsp;   10, develop a set of criteria for internal promotion. Employees have a lot to do in my career and to be able to do something, how many companies have provided the opportunity to achieve these goals? Staff will provide companies with the opportunity to measure for their input.

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