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McKinsey: Procter and Gamble from the digital revolution

  G Robert McDonald, Chief Executive of the company responsible for the mission: Procter and Gamble into the world's most powerful technology company. To achieve this goal, the 31-year old employee was working in Procter (former US Army captain) dominate the large-scale digital technology and advanced analytical applications, covering all aspects of Procter and Gamble operations: from the laboratory to create molecular methods, to maintain the retailer's products, brand-building and interaction with customers. This set of "combination of boxing," the results are striking: creativity enhancement, improved productivity, cost reduction and faster growth.
&Nbsp;   MichaelChui and ThomasFleming of the McKinsey recently at Procter in Cincinnati headquarters Tang Nachang and Mike talk about the digital revolution. And cultural impact as well as on the staff.
&Nbsp;   real time insight
&Nbsp;   the company's goal is to touch and improve people's quality of life. Everything we do is aimed at this goal. After the application of digital technology, Procter and Gamble opportunities and establishes a one-to-one relationship between each consumer in the world, it's more intimate, and we cannot be replaced. Our desire is to become a company to establish such relations with consumers, and digital technology lets us do.
&Nbsp;   is a traditional way to build relationships with consumers through customer feedback. In 1984 I served as its tide brand manager, I called consumer hotline to find on tape, drive home listening. After returning to the Office and read the customer letters and letter. Apparently today is far from enough, blog, the Twitter of electronic communication tools to save the poor.
&Nbsp;   We have developed a "customer pulse" technology, the use of Bayesian analysis (Bayesiananalysis) see all customer reviews, and classified by brand, and individuals associated with butt. I can see consumer comments on the g, this initiative the company to respond promptly to market movements, as we know, if no rapid response on the blog comments, or worse is, know nothing about this, so your intervention has long been out of control. Technology at the same time so that we can immediately improve products. For example, we introduced a ' velvet beaming ' products, a smell is additive, consumers through marketing activities, evaluation helps us to know how to use most effectively join the discussion.
&Nbsp;   from an operational point of view, we believe that the success will also depend on constantly improving production efficiency through digital can achieve this purpose. Therefore, Procter and Gamble Director of digital operations, from factories to stores. We are convinced that digital is a competitive advantage.
&Nbsp;   for example, in our factory, Procter and Gamble's system allows workers from the iPad download the latest line, and transferred to the consolidated data. I hope that the future system is able to make on my laptop, and at any time, see one or more of any of the factory assembly line production of any product. I also want to see the product's cost data. It's very difficult, because today the company's financial systems are not designed for operations, usually for the past. However, we are operating system and financial system integration, and future direction.
&Nbsp;   for transportation and logistics, we have created an enhanced digital business platform called the control tower, you can see all transport activities, including the factory, plant, raw materials and products. Procter and Gamble is probably the second or third largest truck units, through this technology, we were able to reduce the 15% of death cycle activity 1, and cut costs and carbon dioxide emissions. When using a Distributor, we created called the Distributor connection interface, dock directly with the distributors, help them conduct their business. Through the whole supply chain services, reduce inventory, all parties can benefit.

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