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Witty ladies teach you 5 cents to make "Super cleaners"

The imminent Spring Festival, many people at home have been busy over the weekend cleaning, but instituted a clean kitchen oil, many housewives are a headache. Public journalist specialized kitchen oil recommend a homemade "super", the effect is very good and costs only 5 cents, then, how this detergent production, what is the effect? Reporter yesterday to experiment a bit.
"If the cleaner from the supermarket to buy special oil, a nice bottle of dozens of dollars, meeting the heavier oil a bottle in the kitchen is not enough. "Now 55 years old, Ms LI is Ying Chun Yuan community known for" smart woman ", not only the housework done neatly and there will be a lot of household cleaning tips.
Lee told reporters that clean kitchen grease is very simple don't have to spend so much money to buy detergent, at home can produce very good oil cleanser, but also save money.
So, Lee said, saves money and use of cleaner, exactly how to prepare it?
1 empty beverage bottles (capacity about 350 ml), washing powder, alcohol, vinegar
Beverage bottles containing approximately 250 ml of water, with caps as measurement tools, poured into a bottle washing powder, two caps white vinegar, three bottle of alcohol, to shake it, "Super cleaners" on the well, all cost less than 5 cents.
"Super cleaners" well, then what are the results? Really like Lee put it, "just gently wipe grease was gone." The next reporter to test the.
Experiment one: range hood grease
Public home on the range hood is used all the year round, will always have a thick layer of grease, use ordinary detergent to scrub hard to clean. Journalists will first "Super cleaners" down on the piece of cloth, then rub directly on the smoke machine oil, will easily clean oil, revealing a smooth stainless steel surface.
Second experiment: gas stove oil
Gas stoves stove location often has vegetable soup or pot Ash Stacked, wire-ball can be removed for cleaning needs. Reporters on the stove oil spray "Super cleaners", and moistened with cleaning cloth to wipe, stubborn grease stains will disappear.
Experiment three: the
Kitchen cabinets often stained, soiled, cannot use steel wool because of the material or corrosive detergents. Reporter dampened with "Super cleaners" cloth gently wipe Cabinet stains disappeared.
She recommended homemade "Super cleaners" it saves money and work, we might as well also come to learn to do a bottle of it. In addition, Lee told reporters that the "super agent" not only against the good kitchen oil, clean the glass or remove clothing stains can also be used.

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