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Clean focus: development status of domestic pipe cleaning industry

For years, the indoor air quality experts have debated pipeline is really valid. United States environmental protection agency through two years of preliminary studies show that proper, professional cleaning can improve indoor air quality. According to experts ' forecast, more than 10 years in the future, pipe cleaning business for 50% a year. Is a very profitable business. Information on the domestic pipe cleaning very much, but the company usually just put pipe cleaning indoor air purification as a side business, few specialize in pipeline cleaning. In short, online recorded pipe cleaning business is very active cleaning market is very broad, and is also a great volume of business. But generally in order to attract new customers and retain existing customers. Cleaning cleaning air conditioning channels of users can be divided into civil markets (such as office buildings, hotels, supermarkets, airports, subways, etc) and the dust removal ventilation duct cleaning market (such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemical, textile and other businesses).
Pipe cleaning market in many parts of China are almost empty, the potential market is huge. Do better in China are Shanghai-Shanghai pipeline company, popular in Shanghai for more than 10 years standing, so many foreign manufacturers looking to China. In particular United States some large company name says to enter mainland China. China's Government is highly concerned, and to promote the promulgation of national standards of the cleaning code for air conditioning and ventilation system, which fully indicates that the Chinese Government attaches great importance to the construction of public health system, so development and wide application of our central air conditioning is fully guaranteed.
Pipe blockage such problem occurs mainly for two reasons, one is because the sewage contains a lot of calcium and magnesium salts and oils easy scaling of the various substances. Second reason is that these stains in water and mixed with the mud, urine or oil and other materials, making it easier for sewage than water scaling. Shortly after the new building, it tube section begins to reduce, lacking flow down, and finally completely blocked. At this point it is necessary to take measures to clean up.
Sewer dredging projects are usually a lot of work, a wide range of aspects of construction, will continue to be one of its main areas of cleaning. Meanwhile high pressure cleaning or there is a large potential market and area, namely hotels, restaurants, residential sewer pipeline dredge, such cleaning is also a pressing social need. Currently due to various reasons there is not a lot of roll out, but from the work unit, the effect is very significant, is deeply welcome the user. At district level, especially in large, medium and small city cleaning worker to enter in this field, and solve problems for urban life. Hotels, restaurants, residential and other buildings, life with water pipes after the delivery, for more than 10 years, jams can occur in a few years (not including careless use of sewer to the foreign body blockage), bring great inconvenience to people's lives, especially in very particular about tall, this is a very painful thing. In recent years in many cities, this kind of problem reflected very strongly, with the improvement of people's living standards as well as modern housing, this problem will become more prominent.
Of course, located in the Interior bent, fine or complicated pipeline dredge cleanup is a very troublesome thing. Have been using artificial mechanical dredge or practice of replacing all pipes, doing so is not only time-consuming, labour-intensive, scrap, and the effect is not very good, still be blocked soon, attention. Power washing can make more successful solution of this problem.
At present, some conditional hotels and restaurants have been using high-pressure cleaning approach, some washing machines worked well, welcomed by using units. But for now, more to worry about this kind of problem, for chemical cleaning workers to publicize, to solve the problem. Water sewer cleaning and cleaning of boilers and other equipment have the same points, but also has its own characteristics.
Market is big because people can get huge benefits from the pipe cleaning. Pipe cleaning on the one hand contribute to improving indoor air, reducing the chance of people sick, on the other hand can prolong the efficiency of air conditioners and other home appliances.

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