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Silent vacuum cleaner

Silent vacuum cleaner

Compact and flexible operation of the vacuum cleaner, equipped with a vacuum motor power up to 1.2 kW, with strong cleaning power. 15 litre capacity dust box, triple filtration system and solid parts, making it ideal for commercial cleaning tools.
Ultra quiet, so that the device can be made at any time cleaning jobs, not hotel guests due to noise at work aversion.
Model    VT12
Number    800201
Motor power w 1200
Dust tank capacity l 15
Air flow rate l/s 33
Vacuum degree kPa 20
Brush rotation speed RPM-
Cleaning width mm-
Layers of filtration system 3
Decibel 61
Dust collection hose length m 2.5
Weight kg 9.8
Dimensions l * w * h mm 500*350*350

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