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Intelligent active oxygen detoxification machine

Intelligent active oxygen detoxification machine

Technical specifications: rated voltage: 220V, frequency: 50Hz, power: 18W, weight: 1.5kg, oxygen output: 400mg/h.
Product use:
Introduction: using air as raw materials, with high frequency and high voltage discharge oxygen to achieve the removal of hormone-producing machine.
Product description: shengwang yajie active oxygen detoxification machine won seven national patents, with convenient and energy saving, safety and stability of active oxygen output, low content of nitrogen oxide. It uses oxygen, oxidizing, brute force removal of chicken, duck, fish, hormones, antibiotics and other harmful substances, restore the flavor of the meat, and prompt removal of pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits, toluene, formaldehyde and other toxic gases in the bedroom has a dispel effect, Interior or clothing may also be sterilization to prevent fungal infections.

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