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HR personnel


1, sex: female, age: 18-25;

2, Secretaries or teachers graduated from two years of relevant work experience;

3, strong verbal and written skills;

4, familiar with 0OFFICE software;

5, hard, offered to be strong;

6, lived near Baishi Zhou, able to work overtime;

marketing   consultants (1)


1, sex: male or female; age: unlimited;

2, who are involved in Government or Government-backed;

3, led the development of guidance in real estate companies, the property company;

3, has a strong appeal of the people;

4, familiar with government procedures and related community resources;

Director of the Department of management (more)


1, sex: male or female; age: 25-38;  

2, more than three years working experience in housekeeping management, love this industry, has an affinity for employees;

3, familiar with computer OFFICE Office software;

4, has a wealth of management experience, can independently organize new project approach, land reclamation, cleaning work;

5, has a good foundation in clean technology, management training, good staff;

6, can actively helping companies expand their markets;

7, has a good sense of team-building, establish and capable of excellent teams.

8, complete performance evaluation.

Marketing Director (more)


1, male or female, age: 27-35 years education: College degree or above, preferably in marketing;  

2, in equal positions for two years or more, high comprehensive quality;

3, energetic and able to work under pressure  .

4, has a good work ethic and sense of responsibility.

cleaning staff (more)


1, condition: male/female open, 18-48;

2, good health, a strong sense of responsibility (to hold real and valid ID card)

3, treatment: the company will provide preferential treatment and purchase insurance.  

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